Add all small nations in one league

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Add all small nations in one league

Post by mig29 » 2018-1-27 20:21

hi, at the moment in Bulgaria i am the only active manager, there are 2 more managers with teams but they haven't logged for something like half a year.. so we are playing against bot teams. There are also other small nations like that. What is the point having such national leagues? Why don't you add all this small nations together into one "national league"

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Re: Add all small nations in one league

Post by spapa » 2018-1-28 17:32

Good idea. It may be better to have several leagues, like Balkan league, Baltic league, North Africa, South Africa, Oceania etc.

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Re: Add all small nations in one league

Post by power112 » 2018-1-30 11:05

better add for user if country not in list and same time for those who have not many user in country one league name as bballzone league ;)

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