Trade complaint:交易申诉,我们就如此任人宰割?

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Trade complaint:交易申诉,我们就如此任人宰割?

Post by shitong1984 » 2017-11-6 13:50

交易链接: ... 862576.htm

Trade links: ... 862576.htm
It was a three-season deal, which was dropped by gm's ruthless ban today
I would say that this is a serious failure of gm
First, the deal had five people involved, I the abreu of 17 years old young man, and a 10 potential for 9 potential inside, then somehow suddenly retired 17 years old young man in the second season, cause now can only see from the trading abreu in 9 potential inside, this on the salary is not flat. Gm simply made the judgment, and did not delve into the ban deal, which led to the error ban.
Second, it has been three seasons since the deal, and I have invested a lot of work on the players who have come to the New Deal, which is involved in a transaction grievance period. Whether or not there is a statute of limitations, I need an explanation.
And third, I don't want to talk about the problem of the people, the little belly is everywhere, the way is different no common goal, no common cause to cooperate.
Finally, I ask gm to make a reasonable explanation of the transaction, admit its mistakes and compensate for the losses I have caused.

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