Borrows for the next season

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Borrows for the next season

Post by zurda10 » 2017-10-8 22:32

ONLY for MANAGERS who are STARTING with the GAME

Hi everyone, I'd like to borrow this two players for the next season. I know they aren't really high of RT but I think that they can be useful for people in low divisions. Please, WRITE A PRIVATE MESSAGE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.
Both are Young players, they'll improve during the season.

Darius Volotkevic 123RT 21-22years 216cm C Lithuanian
Basic player he isn't the best in anything but he is good in everything. ... tkevic.htm

Domingo Flecha 101RT 18-19years 206cm PF-C Spanish
Good Offensive skills, training close shots, has to train jump and strength. A future Project. ... Flecha.htm

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