basketball player
In front of you - registration form to the virtual basketball world. You will become the manager of basketball club and will be able to show how good you are at it. So, fill the registration form and start your travel to basketball elite.

In this game, same as in reality, the manager of the team is expected to be honest and fair. Good luck!

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Important rules:

1. One person can have only one team!
2. Team name can not contain any offensive or swear-words, words that promote violence or racial discrimination.
3. True user's country must be chosen. If native country differs from current residential country, it is recommended to choose native country.


1. Never tell your password to anyone! There might be people who will try to get your password (from you) and steal your team, so be careful!
2. E-mail address will not be used for sending spam or advertisements. Only information related with the team and the game may be sent to the indicated e-mail.

Users from the same computer/IP

If there are more users playing from the same computer/IP, it is required to provide additional information:
- your real name and surname. It is necessary for the cases when suspicions of cheating emerge. It won't be available in public.
- usernames of other users that play from the same computer/IP (exact usernames have to be provided)
- connection with the other users playing from the same computer/IP. It must be indicated how you are related with each user (for example, brother, roommate, ...)