Tactics' management

Record updated: 2012-07-20 14:31

At first, every user has one set of tactics that is saved under the name First. It is usually not perfect, therefore every manager should analyze his players and choose which players should be in the starting lineup and which in reserve, who will play more offensively and who - more defensively. Also manager has to indicate one or more positions that each team's player should play in. In the team tactics' section, manager has to indicate how team's players should play as a team.

The tactics of a match are divided into three groups: Players' setup, players' positions and team's tactics. Do not forget to always press Approve button before moving on to other section.


First of all you need to decide which players you will send to the playing-field (you need at least 7, but maximum 12 players).

You can also indicate how they should play. You can decide how often they should throw two pointers or three pointers, as well as if they should play defensive or offensive.


In the position setup you can assign each player three positions that he can play in. According to these assigned positions the player substitutions take place during the match. However you have to remember that all the players cannot play in all the positions.

Team tactics

In the team tactics you have to indicate which offensive or defensive tactics to use, pace of the match and other team's settings.

Tactics management:

Premium users can have more than one set of tactics in the game.  Sometimes it is handy to have few sets of tactics: for example, separate tactics could let team's youngest players play more time, meanwhile some of the main players could rest a bit. This set of tactics could be used playing against weak opponents or in friendly matches.

In order to create a new set of tactics, press Create new button. Write a name for the tactics in the pop up window, and press Save. You have now made a new set of tactics, that at the moment is identical to your First. Therefore you need to edit list of players and the way they are going to play. Do not forget to save the changes, by pressing the button Approve.

That is it - you now have a couple of tactics that are ready for use. Default tactics is used in matches that don't have individually selected tactics in the Schedule. In order to set tactics for particular match, go to Schedule and click on the Tactics' column.