Procedure of bankruptcy

Record updated: 2014-08-07 16:57

Sometimes managers fail to calculate and plan their financial strategy. When all savings are exhausted, a process of bankruptcy is started.

When procedure of bankruptcy is started, club can not raise the sum of players' salaries - make offers in the market or raise salaries by exchanging players.

Procedure of bankruptcy is executed on Saturday nights.

1 stage: club's current amount of money is < 0 Eu. Outcome: Sectors' financing (popularity, image, personnel) are set to 0. Club's popularity, image, personnel's opinion and number of fans decreases.

2 stage: club's debt (in current amount of money) is bigger than the sum received from international league's sponsor (minimum 20 000 Eu). 


  • The most expensive player leaves the club. Weekly salary is paid.
  • All coaches, except the cheapest (lowest salary) one, leave the club. Their weekly salaries are paid.
  • Club's image, popularity and personnel's opinion go to the lowest limit.
  • Big amount of fans leave the club.

3 stage: club's debt (in current amount of money) is bigger than international league's sponsor * 3 (minimum 70 000 Eu)


  • if club has Youth team, it is closed.
  • all Youth team players leave the club. Weekly salaries are paid.