Overview of 58th season (2017-06-26 13:43:18)


Manager from Norway, Optimistas, won the first place in the strongest game’s league (World league 1.1) It is the second gold medal in a row and the third in club’s history.
Second place has been taken by manager from Argentina - nicosantos76. It is the highest achievement for this team. We hope that in the future Argentinian teams will also be among the best game’s teams.
Bronze medal was won by constant participant of the final four - gedunex. Over the last 7 seasons only once CP Company team didn’t get to the final four.
U18 National teams’ tournament took place last season. Medals were won by three strongest teams according to the ranking:
1. China. Manager: guang, assistant: gpmike 
2. Lithuania. Manager: Borjomi
3. Italy. Manager: dibi74

China took the first place in Men’s National teams’ tournament. Thus three seasons of Lithuania’s victories has been terminated. Bronze medals were won by USA team second time in a row.
1. China. Manager: xiong
2. Lithuania. Manager: Mirza
3. USA. Manager: TheCoach 
Jobs done in 58th season

Plans for 59th season
  • First few weeks will be devoted for the new federations’ system
  • In the first half of season we plan to realize possibility to use different nationality coach in National teams. More information: http://www.bballzone.net/forum/coaches-for-national-teams-t13038-40.html#p181050
  • The left part of season will be devoted for additional updates of federations’ system
  • If we mange to accomplish federations’ update earlier, we will start working on the game’s design. 
Good luck to everyone in the new season!

Refresh press conferences

Lithuania 4.6 World league 3.3 Partizanas -- Game's news: Overview of 58th season -- 2017-06-26

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China 1.1 World league 1.1 luify0 -- 2017-06-27
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