Overview of 57th season (2017-04-25 12:54:33)


In 57th season gold medal in the strongest game league was won by manager from Norway: Optimistas This is team’s second gold medal and it is a good example that manager from small game’s community, smartly managing his team, can have the best team in the game.
Silver medal was won by manager from China: whyx2011 Until now team’s best achievement was 15th place. It is quite impressive step to becoming one of the strongest teams in the game.
Bronze medal was won by frequent participant of final four: gedunex

Last season U21 national teams’ tournament took place. Gold medals were won by China's team that played at home:
1. China. Manager: guang, assistant: gpmike 
2. Lithuania. Manager: kkteo 
3. France. Manager: yannlalianne 

In the final of U16 national teams’ tournament China’s team beat USA. Bronze medals went to Lithuanian team and that could be called a failure because it had the best ranking.
1. China. Manager: wyrdc1996
2. USA. Manager: ezaco
3. Lithuania. Manager: Scorpion

Updates that were developed during 57th season:

Initial version of federations' system was planned to be included in the middle of the season. Unfortunately, this goal wasn’t realized. We are still working on this update.
There are few reasons why the update is late:

  • At the moment situation is such that we can work on it only part time. Thus updates are getting done slower.
  • We didn’t expect that this system will require such serious internal updates. Most time was taken not by federations’ update itself but by plans to include “local” and “international” team names (as well as players’ and coaches’ names). More information about it may be found in last season’s overview: http://www.bballzone.net/en/News-read-58aaa4488554d_overviewof56thseason.htm
We don’t want to promise and fail realizing again but this season federations’ update must be included into the game.

What we have already done:
  • Global federation
    All countries automatically belong to global federation
  • Establishing federation and voting
    Country’s member can suggest creating federation, all country’s members can vote and federation can be created
  • President of federation
    At first establisher of federation also becomes the president of federation. After some time new president may be voted and elected.
  • Federation’s volunteers
    Possibility to become volunteer of some area in your federation.
  • Some tasks assigned to federations
    • Checking and confirming players’ initials
    • Checking and confirming teams’ names and logos
    • Checking and confirming usernames
  • Possibility to change username
    It must be done when username is inappropriate (for example, offensive) In other cases it is an expensive paid feature (so that it would be used only in exceptional cases)
  • Possibility to indicate team’s local and international names.
  • Federation’s volunteers will be able to edit lists of country’s names and surnames (according to them names and surnames are given to players and coaches)
  • Federation’s volunteers will be able to indicate local and international variants for country’s names.

What else has to be done until the update can be included into the game:
  • Accomplish implementing the system of local and international team names.
  • Accomplish feature to “join federation”.
  • Quite a long list of small issues related with these updates.

What else we want to include before moving to next task (new design). These jobs will be done after the initial version of federations is included:
  • Federation’s volunteers will be automatically encouraged with game’s credits, depending on volunteer’s activity and federation’s results.
  • Implement at least a part of “teachers’ system”
  • Federations’ volunteers will also check and confirm players’ nicknames

Other updates related with federations that we would like to include AFTER we have the new design - if game members approve them:
  • Possibility to change federation name, choose logo, etc.
  • Federations’ ranks - in order to vote for some questions federation will have to be of some minimum rank (probably calculated according to the number of active users). If federation doesn’t have the required minimum rank, that sphere (question) works the same as in global federation. It will prevent from making decisions that will be useful for only one club (in federations that have only few active users).
  • Federations’ volunteers will supervise trades and trades may be recalled
  • Federations' volunteers will supervise press conferences
  • Possibility to change various settings of national leagues and federation. It will allow federations to make long term strategies and follow their desired direction.
  • Possibility to post local news
  • Various tasks for federations; Ranking of federations
  • Federations’ Cup
  • etc.

We will inform when we have more news.

Good luck in the new season!

Refresh press conferences

Lithuania 4.4 World league 4.8 a-ramune -- Game's news: Overview of 57th season -- 2017-04-25

Information about federations' update! Read in news. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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