Testing match engine and the updated feature: Analyse match (2017-02-08 21:57:13)

Today newly updated feature of analysing matches was included into the game. Match analysis is a paid feature that helps analyzing your own team’s matches. Other teams’ matches can also be analysed but in this case the price is much bigger.
This feature was realized by one of game’s users. If it appears to be helpful and used by users, we can expect more similar unplanned updates.
This new feature of match analysis does not include any information that can’t be found in match chronology. However, it offers handy tools to analyze match chronology. The main features of this update:

  • Possibility to filter match chronology by the selected chronology events and by the selected players
  • Defence report - information about each player’s role in defence: how many points were scored by direct opponent, what was players skills’ ratio, etc.
  • Offence report - information about each player’s role in offence: how the player attacked, average players skills’ ratio, etc.
  • Team report - types of fouls that were committed, what percentage of available rebounds was collected, what was average attack time, etc.
Pay attention to:
  • Defence report - often reason why some players play worse than expected is that opponents have a player with good defensive skills. Lately the number of players with good defensive skills has increased.
  • Average attack time - often reason of bad performance is that team holds the ball too long.
  • Your team players skills’ ratio given in offence and defence reports. If it is negative, it means that you may need to make some changes in your rosters. If it is positive and you still lose matches, it is worth to look for problems in other places: tactics, coach, players’ tiredness.

New testing version of match engine
Today the new testing match engine has been included into the game. Last time testing of the new match engine was very sluggish, therefore this time we will try to use different method.
All 52nd day’s matches will be copied and simulated again with the same tactics using testing match engine.
We kindly ask all game members to find these matches in the schedule and analyze them. We would also like to form a team of match engine testers that would like to analyze the simulated testing matches and will have time for it. If it is needed they will also be able to play more matches with the new testing match engine. 

Updates in the testing match engine:
  • After offensive rebound players sometimes used to shoot even if they shouldn’t have shot according to settings of shooting frequency.
  • The last attack in match sometimes exceeded the shot clock.
  • Possibility of turnover during fast break has been decreased when situation is excellent.
  • Fouls in offence during drives
    • When player commits offensive foul during a drive, he will stop making drives depending on his offensive settings:
      • Shooters and players of the low post will not make drives after 1 offensive foul
      • “Aggressive” type players will not make drives after 3 offensive fouls
      • Other players will not make drives after 2 offensive fouls
    • Influence of defending team’s tactics for provoking offensive fouls has been decreased a little. This season we had a lot of complains about offensive fouls that are provoked with the help of defending team’s tactics.
  • When style of offence is on big players, small players will attack less from close range.
  • Players’ positions in court have been changed. Players will more often be in ranges where they have more frequent shooting settings in tactics.
We would be very grateful if you posted information about testing match engine’s problems in match engine’s forum: http://www.bballzone.net/forum/match-engine-f898.html
Game members that actively participate in testing of match engine (find and report about the problems) are encouraged with game’s credits.

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World league Y 6 a-ramune -- Game's news: Testing match engine and the updated feature: Analyse match -- 2017-02-08

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Lithuania 3.4 World league 4.7 denino -- 2017-02-09
at least extra testing games could be extended 'game analize' for free.. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Argentina 1.1 World league 1.1 marcos_rubio -- 2017-02-09
The important change isnt the engine.... -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Lithuania 1.1 World league 1.1 Egis01 -- 2017-02-10
geriau reikėjo sakyti, esam atsilikę su žadėtais atnaujinimais todėl įdėjom naują testavimo būda dėl kurio nesulauksim nei vieno pamatyto bugo, kas leis sutaupyti laiko ir gal būt laiku užbaigti žadėtus atnaujinimus. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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