Overview of 55th season (2016-12-19 01:26:11)

In 55th season we have a new champion of the strongest game’s league. For the first time the champion is Bergen’s Soldater team from Norway. Silver medals were won by CP Company team that is dominating in the first league for a long time already. Bronze medals were quite easily won by AC “Tauragė” with result 3:0 in bronze series.

This season we had U16 and U21 National Teams’ tournaments
Medals in U16 tournament were won by the strongest teams according to rankings:
1. Lithuania (superdzonis)
2. China (feishe)
3. Italy (dibi74)
The biggest surprise was Greece (the_spartan) that took the 4th place

In U21 tournament the strongest teams according to rankings also took the top places:
1. China (deidei)
2. Lithuania (kkteo)
3. Italy (dibi74)
The biggest susprise - Philippines (PhilJackstone)

Jobs done in 55th season

Plans for 56th season
  • Realize changes in firing compensations. There were few related discussions:
  • Firing compensations would be calculated the same as they are now but there would additionally be minimum limit: weekly salary + part of weekly salary depending on the day of week. For example: 
    • Player’s salary is 7000 Eu. If he is fired on Monday, firing compensation will be 7000 + 1000 = 8000 Eu. If he is fired on Sunday, firing compensation will be 7000 + 7000 = 14000 Eu
    • These updates would be included from 57th season
    • If firing compensation should be even bigger, it can be discussed during 57th season
  • We would like to realize at least a small part of basketball federations’ idea.  

Refresh press conferences

Lithuania 4.4 World league 4.8 a-ramune -- Game's news: Overview of 55th season -- 2016-12-19

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Lithuania 2.2 World league 3.3 a-darius -- 2016-12-21
tikrai klaida LT naujienoje yra ten 7000 + 1000 = 8000
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United States 1.1 World league 1.1 TheCoach -- 2017-01-16
Is the new system for releasing players definitely going into affect next season? If it is, it would be great to know before the limited market starts. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Russia 1.1 World league 4.8 RIZZO -- 2017-01-21
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