Major achievements
Lietuva.1.1 1 X 2
World League.1.1 2 X 3
55 season
World League.1.1 7 place
Lietuva.1.1 2 place
54 season
World League.1.1 2 place
Lietuva.1.1 1 place
Face (Unknown)
Points: 17,4
Face (Unknown)
Rebounds: 5,5
Face (Unknown)
Assists: 3,9
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Activity:   2017-01-22 16:01:17
Username:   Mirza User - Platinum BGuide Matches LIVE All-Star days
Earlier managed club:   SL600(Closed) (24 - 29 S)
Country:   Lietuva Lietuva Flag
National league:   Lietuva.1.1
International league:   World League.1.1
Club arenas:   MeetSharers Arena
Life is beautiful Arena #7874 Arena #1224
Simo Baranausko Blogas Arena #349 Arena #1370
BasketVoice Arena #7941
Basketball school:   MeetSharers Basketball school
Youth team:   MeetSharers Youth
Strongest in the game:   11 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in nat. league:   1 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in int. league:   4 ( place in rankings)
RT average:   312
Fan club:   3694
Fan ranking:   6 ( place in rankings)
Pop. rating in int. league:   3 ( place in rankings)
Image:   7/7
Personnel's opinion:   7/7
Weekly income from sponsors:   258281 Eu
Max sum for personnel's salaries:   1319749 Eu
Exchanges made overall:   69
Exchanges made this season:   1
Overall wins/matches played:   992/1410 70%
Season's wins/matches played:   27/33 82%
Amount of borrowed players:   0 (statistics)
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Lithuania 1.1 World league 1.1 Mirza -- Match: Ant bajerio (67 - 68) CP Company -- 2017-01-12

228 vk žaidėjas per 16 min suleidžia 22 taškus, prameta tik viená metimá ir surenka 24 naudingumo taškus. Na nuostabus 3 pot Admino auklėtinis, reiks siūlyr kontraktà. Po mano nuolatinio verkimo Cibuliai ištryné komandà. (Aišku db žaidžia inkognito) Pasikartosiu vēl. Jei adminai nori erzinti geriausiú komandú savininkus, tai tegu žaidžia toliau aukščiausiose lygose. Laukiam Dariaus ir 1 wl ;) -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Lithuania 3.1 World league 2.1 Arnul -- 2017-01-14
Darius you are wrong.

This discussion about community suggestions and how administration dont do anything to resolve real problem. Now you only resolved that what you want do. Comunity opinion is unnecessary for you. But here are few people who wanna say where now we see a bigger problems in the game and on these must be priority. But Darius say what we do now is just only waste his time. Becouse he must read and give answers.
-- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Lithuania 1.1 World league 2.2 a-darius -- 2017-01-14
Community`s opinion is very important to us. But the final decision about each improvement will be ours. The biggest problem is that some users can`t accept that.

And yes these type of discussions is bad for the game.
I just spent one full day by not improving the game. And it seems that it is not the end.
So one more of your suggestions will be put back in the "long TODO" list.
-- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Lithuania 6.7 World league 4.3 darys -- 2017-01-14
Užsičiaupkit, vaikai, ir netrukdykit dirbt. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Lithuania 1.1 World league 1.1 MeetSharers -- Icon Player: Dũng Lê (RT: 313) -- 2017-01-12

Player is injured because of bad health -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Lithuania 1.1 World league 1.1 MeetSharers -- Icon Coach: Šarūnas Kreivaitis (RT: 272) -- 2017-01-06

Club fired a coach -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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