Major achievements
Lietuva.5.12 5 place X 1
World League.5.8 2 X 1
National U16 18 place Norway U16
National U21-3 9 place Indonesia U21
57 season
World League.5.8 2 place
Lietuva.5.12 5 place
56 season
World League.6.16 1 place
Lietuva.6.24 1 place
Face (Unknown)
Points: 21,0
Face (Unknown)
Rebounds: 10,0
Face (Unknown)
Assists: 4,0
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Activity:   2017-04-25 20:00:16
Username:   Sajanas300 User - Wooden BGuide
Earlier managed club:   Mažeikiai1(Closed) (42 - 50 S)
Country:   Lietuva Lietuva Flag
National league:   Lietuva.5.12
International league:   World League.4.4
Club arenas:   McDonalds Arena #1992
Basketball school:   Mėsainiai Basketball school
Strongest in the game:   479 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in nat. league:   2 ( place in rankings)
Strongest in int. league:   21 ( place in rankings)
RT average:   182
Fan club:   384
Fan ranking:   610 ( place in rankings)
Pop. rating in int. league:   31 ( place in rankings)
Image:   1/7
Personnel's opinion:   6/7
Weekly income from sponsors:   54123 Eu
Max sum for personnel's salaries:   80256 Eu
Exchanges made overall:   7
Exchanges made this season:   0
Overall wins/matches played:   260/401 65%
Season's wins/matches played:   1/1 100%
Amount of borrowed players:   4 (statistics)
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Lithuania 5.12 World league 4.4 Sajanas300 -- Icon Trade/Lending players -- 2017-04-24

Mainau, ieskau galimybes sustipreti arba padidinti zaideju skaiciu, uz tai jus gaunate sutaupyti

Taip pat dar ieskau 1 pajegu zaideja pasiskolinti, geriausia butu PF pozicijos, bet galima ir kitos, vis tiek garantuoju vieta starto penkete, 25 min zaidimo laiko ir nepervargima.
-- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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United States 1.1 World league 1.1 TheCoach -- Game's news: Health skill and its improvement -- 2017-01-07

Tiredness affects health is a bad idea in my opinion because it will result in everyone choosing tactics that protect from that. Everyone will be in a 2-3 zone and that will end up with everyone shooting 60 three pointers every game. -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Lithuania 4.3 World league 3.2 Drizzt -- 2017-01-12
I would like to see such changes. Than we could have additional Honor Award - Iron Man. Like in NBA there are players who look upon them selves and show good play till 40 - like Duncan Horry etc... In reality possibility on injuries doesn't fully depend on age. I would say it's not even a major factor. Major is how many injuries you had previously and how severe they were. This increases possibility to get a new one even in good condition. I would add such factor - on certain number of injuries (or total sum of all injury days) increase possibility to get a new injury. Second factor could be exhaustion in game and last age. In this place later there could be added more features like Financial sectors - if they are grate they could lower injuries days total because of good rehabilitation conditions in team (or credits player has - more income to the game :) ). -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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United States 1.1 World league 3.4 TheWizardKs -- 2017-01-16
Something I just noticed in sector financing...56S, 25d. Popularity - Good player released before play-offs -10. This guy had 15% needs taken into account! -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Lithuania 6.15 World league 5.9 seniz -- 2017-04-23
Lietuviškai geriau tiktų atsparumas nei sveikata -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Lithuania 5.12 World league 4.4 Mėsainiai -- Icon Coach: Žygimantas Gulius (RT: 129) -- 2017-04-23

Contract with coach extended -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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Lithuania 5.12 World league 4.4 Mėsainiai -- Icon Player: Artūras Odeikis (RT: 216) -- 2017-04-23

Contract with player extended -- (Translate) (Translate EN)
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